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VenTantra offers consulting, content marketing, and virtual staffing services. Setting up your own venture or taking it next level to success is every ‘thinking’ professional’s dream. How feasible is your idea? Where are your markets? Who are your competitors? What is your marketing plan? Are you saying it well enough? Do you have resources, staff? Basically, we find all those answers for you. Whether you are an entrepreneur with just a rough idea in your head, a start-up that’s struggling with next moves or a business that is looking for sustainable growth or explore cross-border markets, we have a plan that’s just right for you. 


  • Consulting

  • 'When Advice Met Analysis'

  • VenTantra offers a portfolio of consulting and advisory services that include online market research, go-to strategies, and marketing plans. We assist in conducting studies in market insights and competitor analysis to enable you to decode your target markets. From crisp market snapshots to detailed analysis,…
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  • Content Marketing

  • ‘Your Oxygen for Business’

  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses grapple with several issues – lack of time, skilled resources, and capital. With plethora of tasks and limited or no assistance, it is extremely challenging to plan, execute, and deliver everything to perfection. You might have a great idea or plan, but if you can’t convey…
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  • Virtual Staffing

  • 'Enjoy the difference'

  • We offer premium Virtual Staffing Services for exclusive clients that desire to hire, without managing the paraphernalia. Experienced and dedicated virtual assistants are a great asset if you are a small or medium business owner, an independent consultant, or an entrepreneur...

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What, how and how much you pay is between you and the person you hire since they work directly with you.

VenTantra facilitates in ONLY hiring of virtual staff.

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Clients & Partners

  • Feasibility studies, Market Reports on Indian beverage industry, and Go-to strategies to set up premium tea lounge for a Delhi based individual investor.

    Premium Tea Lounge

    Delhi, India | 12-Dec-2017
  • Market Reports,  Competitive Landscaping, Go-to Strategies, Content Design Services

    Canadian Technology Facilitators, Hamilton

    Hamilton, Canada | 12-Apr-2016
  • Product Quality Testing, Content Design, Marketing Strategy, and Virtual Staffing

    GreatMentors, New York

    New York, USA | 15-Jan-2018


  • Entrepreneurs on Runway and how VenTantra syncs the flight

    The Government of India launched Startup India with a roaring applause from ambitious, driven, and disruptive doers on 17th January at New Delhi. The idea is to boost the concept…

  • Entertainment & Leisure Market – Gaint Wheels in India

    India’s economic success and sustainability resonated even in times of global recession. Now out of the uncertainty, and with GDP growing at 7.4 per cent, India is the fastest growing…

  • The Art of St-art

    Life is weird. Maybe weirdly wonderful. We all love to ‘achieve’. Success, money, power, fame, and yes – love. There are some that want to achieve ‘Experience’. I, for most…

  • A Decade and the many moves: Why Quick Job Hopping is ‘Not All That Bad’

    In a span of a decade, I worked for more companies than usual. In a typical white collared job, it makes sense to give exit interviews in not less than…



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