“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” ~ Wayne Gretzky
We help you take those shots.


We derive our name 'VenTantra' from Venture {English, noun: a risky or daring journey or undertaking} and Tantra {Sanskrit, noun/verb: related to the concept of weaving and expansion- from 'tan', meaning to expand, spin out, and weave}.

We weave your venture. We offer business facilitation, end-to-end. How feasible is your idea? Where are your markets? Who are your competitors? What is your marketing plan? Are you saying it well enough? Do you have resources? The right people to get your job done? We do all that for you. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a mere rough idea in your head, a start-up that’s struggling with next moves, a business that is looking for sustainable growth, or with a zest of exploring booming economies and markets like India, we have a plan that’s just right for you. Our services are designed to help you not only start but also make you sustainable and functional.

Through the success of our past and current projects, we are convinced of bringing best solutions to meet your needs. Our extensive experience ensures that strategic, organizational, and cultural roadblocks are duly tackled, to benefit our clients and partners. We are committed to your success and growth.

Our services include

Consulting: To analyse your idea and help you execute it
Marketing: To reach out to your audience
Virtual Staffing: To make you efficiently operational
These come with a price.

And that

We practice Integrity.
We work Passionately.
We respect Commitments.
We love making You Successful.

These...are priceless.


Consulting. Marketing. Virtual Staffing.