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The Government of India launched Startup India with a roaring applause from ambitious, driven, and disruptive doers on 17th January at New Delhi. The idea is to boost the concept of working for self instead of being a job seeker in a traditional market. Startup India’s audience is those who create careers for themselves and jobs for others. They are adventurers who discover places without roads and market trekking tours. They create a chef’s special with left-overs in refrigerator and flowers in their garden. Where talent is in surplus and work opportunities are not expanding proportionally, this could be a real game changer.

Startup India has come to aid the legal and financial aspects of starting your business. Providing capital, reducing paper work, simplifying registration, and fast forwarding to operations lies at the crux of this program.

Some of its key features are:
• Dedicated corpus fund of INR 10000 Crore (1.5 bn USD approx)
• Exemption from inspection and income tax on profits for 3 years
• Self-Certification Compliance
• 80% rebate for filing patent applications
• New bankruptcy bill to facilitate a 90 day exit
• Sector specific incubators
• Special focus on women entrepreneurs
• Registrations through an application on mobile app
• Bio-clusters for bio/pharma start-ups
• Atal Innovation Mission to encourage innovation through 500 tinkering labs & centres

India, with its young demographics, digital connectivity, and disruptive business ideas has every bit of what it takes to change the picture. Startup India ensures you get it to the gallery. Or at least give it a try. While some business models are borrowed and enjoy initial insulation from entry barriers because of their success rate in similar or relative markets and investments from hawk-eyed experts, a lot of new ideas with potential fail to make an impact due to lack of homework and professional advice. The sustainability in a new venture depends on how well you read your markets and consumers. Getting there before competition is what decides the winner. VenTantra has come into creation for just that. It is a start-up for start-ups. From evaluating your business ideas to offering research, content and marketing support, VenTantra does what ventures need.

As a start-up, we share your passion, intent, commitment, and concerns. We seek to share the journey and get to a happier place where success is not just defined by profits but the value-addition it brings to our lives and of those around us.

“This Startup movement is not merely guided by money, name or fame. The purpose is beyond that”, said PM Modi.

And we agree. The purpose is to build India and contribute to building a better world.

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