The Art of Start

Life is weird. Maybe weirdly wonderful. We all love to ‘achieve’. Success, money, power, fame, and yes – love. There are some that want to achieve ‘Experience’. I, for most part, fall in this category. Rest on the list are by-products I enjoy. There is a certain charm in not making your life a time-table and yet be disciplined enough to explore, absorb, and evolve on the way.

I don’t know if it’s the way some people are wired or it’s just that ‘fire in your belly’ but somewhere at the back of our heads, amidst all the daily fuss and fury, not everyone – but many of us want to do our own thing. Start a business. Own a restaurant. Become a photographer. Build a design studio. Write a book. Paint abstracts. Or maybe even make a movie! We want to be our own boss. And run the show. Do we do it? NO. Do we find that hot selling idea, time, money, courage and most importantly the motivation to do it? Big NO. Do we find the support in friends or family? Somewhat, I guess. I know the pain. Financial security is non-negotiable. Unless you live like a monk, and don’t use an iPhone.

These and many more are the reasons we go by our routine lives, like that’s alright and definitely wise. Why bother about taking so much of a hassle when you can simply wake up in the morning, dress up crisp, drive to office, do the job and get a (fat) pay-check every month. Some try to even find joy in counting the number of likes on Facebook and re-tweets on Twitter. No matter how much you crib about being at one place for ‘so’ long or having an ‘on your nerve’ boss, it’s still so much better than getting onto a track for an adventure and regretting getting no-where. And guess what? I know what you mean.

I started working after a masters degree in hand and I loved being independent – financially. All freedom starts from there. (If you have just started your first job, I can feel your excitement). And after several career moves, including a lay-off, somewhere in the middle of that journey, I figured none of it was looking enough. There was something missing. It couldn't be understood or explained. I quit. To find the answer. I traveled. I worked adhoc. I vanished from virtual world. I met interesting people – in person. I saw beautiful places on the go. I soaked up in the sun-rise. I sat in the corner café sipping my coffee and observing people. I ‘wasted time’ without getting bored. If you've been there, you know exactly what it means. By the way, I am a passionate observer and acutely inquisitive. (My doctor says I am fine without a cure). And somewhere there, I found the answer. Dramatic? You can say that.

Then, came the hard part of the story and that was to ‘act’. I worked at my pace. Without a trace of rush. Yes, there were moments that were uneasy and unsure. But I braved it. I even wrote my own quotes to motivate myself like, “Never give up on the journey you believe in. Sometime, it takes time for the roads to clear after a bad storm.”

Do you want to know the answer I found?


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