'When Advice Met Analysis'

VenTantra offers a portfolio of consulting and advisory services that include online market research, go-to strategies, and marketing plans. We assist in conducting studies in market insights and competitor analysis to enable you to decode your target markets. From crisp market snapshots to detailed analysis, we are equipped to bring you whatever it takes to make and execute your plans. Our services help plan your moves with utmost confidence by reducing costs and risks. Through our advice backed with analysis, we cater to clients in various sectors including Healthcare, IT, Technology, Renewable Energy, Security & Surveillance, and other business services. Not only this, we also assist in partner introductions for strategic tie-ups.

Our market studies stand out from a regular consultant’s in that we lay immense emphasis on:

1. Relevant, accurate, current data from recognized sources for correct market assessments
2. Unbiased, focused reports to serve set goals
3. Most suited business plan for result-driven market entry
4. End-to-end market plan over typical market consulting
5. Real picture for your business. No sugar coating

Lack of information is dangerous. Even if you are a stunt lover, you won’t love the costs it brings. So we are here to gear your adrenaline in the right direction. The sole purpose of our market intelligence is to equip you to make proactive, informed, profitable decisions. We don't just bring data to our clients but add our experience and expertise to turn the data into relevant actionable information that adds to your confidence, certainty, and completeness.

Our consulting basket is designed of 3 stages:

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    Figure out how viable your business idea is. If it is, we go to the next level. If not, we tell you so. But we also tell you how your idea can be reworked into a successful one.

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    A feasible business idea is not enough. You must know your market, your customer, your competitors, and your partners.

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    Once you’re equipped with all the necessary information, we formulate strategies that help get you down to business.



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