'Enjoy the difference'

So we have done the analysis. We have helped you reach the market. Now we can facilitate your business by finding you assistants who can truly make a difference. Be it an analyst, an overseas coordinator, a fantastic cold-caller, a hands-on secretary, or a driven multi-tasker. A great business needs great people. And they could be anywhere.

Why Virtual?
One of the major challenges to foresee in a business is the economics of it. In an era of technology-driven businesses, it helps to save on high costs of an office space midst rising rental and overhead expenses. With a virtual assistant at your service, you can work on the go and smart-invest your capital. We offer premium Virtual Staffing Services for exclusive clients who desire to hire without managing the paraphernalia. Experienced and dedicated virtual assistants are a great asset if you are a small or medium business owner, an independent consultant, or an entrepreneur. So all you need to do is pay with a click and relax. Responsibility is ours.

Functions your VS can perform:
1. Administrative / Organizational Systems Management
2. Workflow Management
3. Research & Analysis
4. Strategic Partnership Building
5. Marketing Services
6. Customer Services
7. Concierge Services
8. Bookkeeping Services
9. Other Document Preparation Services

Benefits >

By hiring virtual staff, you not only save time and costs but actually build strong relationships at the very start of your business, ensuring mutual understanding and synergies.

> Moreover once you grow and expand, which you certainly will, you can make them a part of your permanent team! Remember, it’s not the office but the people who run your business.

> We are committed to bring you the best and ensure perfect fits to match your needs.

Please Note

Registration Registration is mandatory for Virtual Staffing services only.


Entire selection process takes 4 to 6 weeks.


What, how and how much you pay is between you and the person you hire since they work directly with you. VenTantra facilitates in hiring of your virtual staff ONLY.


Send us an inquiry to know the process in detail and receive a Non-Binding offer from us.



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